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Classmate – Interview – Rachel Peng


My final classmate conversation was with Rachel Peng. She is in her first year at CSULB and is from Garden Grove where she commutes to school. She has declared a major in nursing, where she is a pre-nurse major trying to get into the impacted program.

She enjoys art and has liked the art she has seen this semester. She talked about why she likes art and the fact that we can all interpret art differently. She also likes the class structure which makes her work load balanced for the semester. Some of her hobbies include listening to music and snowboarding.

I was browsing her website and saw her photography projects and liked seeing all of the photos she’s taken.

We took a look at this week’s art exhibits and discussed what we thought about them and interpreted some of the art pieces.


Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Troy Rounseville

IMG_4203IMG_4206 IMG_4204 IMG_4202

The art exhibit that I liked this week was the “Body” by Troy Rounseville. I was outside in the courtyard and I was drawn into the exhibit by the sounds and music I was hearing. This was innovative and different from what i’ve seen all semester.

I love music and I liked how this exhibit included different forms of music, sounds and instruments. It was entertaining to see the different instruments used in this exhibit too Something unique I noticed was the speakers (above photo) that were old and used back in the day. It’s cool to see how technological advanced we’ve become.

Based on the artists’ statement, he was inspired by how different forms of technology affects someone and their emotional state, and dealing with the emotions. The mirrored piece in the center of the exhibit was a plus!

Week 13 – Artist Interview – Brittnee Forline


This week, I was drawn to the jewelry art pieces called “Finifugal” by Brittnee Forline. I love fashion and jewelry, and I enjoyed looking at these pieces. I noticed the different types of metals like copper and sterling silver that these pieces are made up of. The artist had a statement and another piece of paper that explains the purpose of the exhibit, what each piece is made of and her inspiration behind the art.

These jewelry pieces reminded me of medieval times style because of the copper metal and some of the shapes. For instance, there was a crown and piece that had an emperor on a horse. As stated in her statement, she was inspired by fictional stories and history — as can be identified in these pieces. It was also interesting to see the different names that the artist called each of her pieces such as “Chivalry”, “Crowned”, “Cycle of Life”, etc.

Some of the pieces also look like armor like in medieval Roman times. The pieces were nicely displayed on the mannequins and the white room made each piece stand out in the exhibit.

Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Jose Lara

IMG_4032This week, I met sophomore student, Jose Lara. He is an accounting major and hopes to become successful as a CPA upon graduation. He hopes to work his way up throughout his career.

He is from the Long Beach area, has an older brother and is a part of two organizations on campus. He is a part of a fraternity and Hispanic business association which he enjoys.

Some of his interests include hanging out with friends, going to the cinema and listening to music. He likes the unique format of this art class and the activities we’ve done throughout the semester, including the building of our website and portfolio. Although, he particularly doesn’t care for art. He did mention that he enjoyed looking at the colorful art pieces in the Max Gatov exhibit this week. Great to meet Jose!

Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

For this week’s last art activity, i’m going to teach how to make fresh authentic pasta sauce! I’m Sicilian, and my parents make Italian food pretty much everyday. I’m going to show you the easiest way to make sauce without having to open a jar already prepared. All you need is pasta of your choice and you have an easy dinner.

First, the ingredients you need are: basil leaves (chopped), half an onion (chopped), garlic cloves (peeled and chopped), one can of whole tomatoes (or you can use extra fresh tomatoes) and olive oil ready in a pan. These ingredients will serve a party of four.

You want to puree the tomatoes first, have the basil, onions and garlic chopped up, and put a little olive oil in a pan for a minute warm up. Put the chopped onions mixed with the olive oil in the pan for two minutes.

Then, add the garlic and basil with onions for only one minute — you don’t want the garlic to burn.

Pour the puree sauce in the pan, add a hint of water and stir. Add salt, pepper and if you’d like, a hint of sugar to take away the bitterness of the sauce.

Put lid over the sauce. Occasionally, stir and add water if needed. Once the sauce boils a lot, you want to lower the stove temperature. Let the sauce cook for no more than an hour.

Within ten minutes of the sauce being ready, pour some pasta in another pan for about ten minutes to cook, once the pasta is done, pour it in a plate, add the sauce and you have the perfect pasta dish!

Buon Appetito!

IMG_3952IMG_3949IMG_3957 IMG_3956IMG_3959Ravioli



Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities of the semester included the web designing of the portfolio, Instagram and the e-portfolios. I enjoyed these the most because it’s great to have the students start creating their portfolios where they can show their work experience and other work accomplished during their college career. It’s a great start and students will be prepared to start interviewing for internships and jobs with their official portfolio where they can showcase their work. I liked the Instagram one too because I like posting on this social media channel.

My least favorite activities of the semester were the counterfactual, landscapes and Kickstarter activities. These were probably the most challenging and hardest to do out of the ones we’ve done throughout the semester.

I think this class is cool. It’s very different from the other classes i’ve taken throughout college. I like the fact that we get to interview and have conversations with classmates and get to know each other. It’s always great to meet new people and this is the perfect way of doing that.

Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Michelle (Gatov East)

IMG_3936 IMG_3934 IMG_3932This week’s art pieces in the Max Gatov East Gallery were unique, colorful and very animated. The pieces are by artist Michelle. Some of her pieces included videos that were playing cartoons. It looked like a cartoon TV show/movie was playing in the gallery.

Also, as I was looking at the art pieces, it felt like they were telling a story, like you were in the cartoon. Each piece seemed to relate to one another. I liked how they were colorful pieces and it reminded me of a Disney animation studio.

From what I interpreted after looking at these images and live videos, I felt like the artist was telling an animated story. I thought the three videos playing in the gallery really brought the art pieces/images to life. Cool pieces!