Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Troy Rounseville

IMG_4203IMG_4206 IMG_4204 IMG_4202

The art exhibit that I liked this week was the “Body” by Troy Rounseville. I was outside in the courtyard and I was drawn into the exhibit by the sounds and music I was hearing. This was innovative and different from what i’ve seen all semester.

I love music and I liked how this exhibit included different forms of music, sounds and instruments. It was entertaining to see the different instruments used in this exhibit too Something unique I noticed was the speakers (above photo) that were old and used back in the day. It’s cool to see how technological advanced we’ve become.

Based on the artists’ statement, he was inspired by how different forms of technology affects someone and their emotional state, and dealing with the emotions. The mirrored piece in the center of the exhibit was a plus!