Week 13 – Artist Interview – Brittnee Forline


This week, I was drawn to the jewelry art pieces called “Finifugal” by Brittnee Forline. I love fashion and jewelry, and I enjoyed looking at these pieces. I noticed the different types of metals like copper and sterling silver that these pieces are made up of. The artist had a statement and another piece of paper that explains the purpose of the exhibit, what each piece is made of and her inspiration behind the art.

These jewelry pieces reminded me of medieval times style because of the copper metal and some of the shapes. For instance, there was a crown and piece that had an emperor on a horse. As stated in her statement, she was inspired by fictional stories and history — as can be identified in these pieces. It was also interesting to see the different names that the artist called each of her pieces such as “Chivalry”, “Crowned”, “Cycle of Life”, etc.

Some of the pieces also look like armor like in medieval Roman times. The pieces were nicely displayed on the mannequins and the white room made each piece stand out in the exhibit.