Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Branden Saito

IMG_3939This week, I met Branden Saito, a junior at Long Beach State. He just changed his major from computer engineering to information systems. Upon graduation from CSULB, he wants to get a job with a big social media company like Facebook and Google. He recently went to a Facebook career fair workshop on campus to learn more about Facebook.

He is from the SoCal area and lives at home. He is a part of the business fraternity on campus and loves Taco Bell. He’d love to one day visit Europe as he’s never been out of the country. Although, he’s been to numerous places in the U.S. including Hawaii, San Francisco and Nevada. He particularly likes any place that is cold.

We talked about our interests and hobbies, and he specifically doesn’t like country music. He also mentioned that he doesn’t have a big interest for art as we were taking a look at the art in the galleries this week. We took a look at the art piece with the plates and he was going to write about that piece.

We discussed some of the art we saw in this week’s galleries and talked about how some of the art we’ve seen this semester, looks like a variety of different things put together to create a unique piece of art.