Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities of the semester included the web designing of the portfolio, Instagram and the e-portfolios. I enjoyed these the most because it’s great to have the students start creating their portfolios where they can show their work experience and other work accomplished during their college career. It’s a great start and students will be prepared to start interviewing for internships and jobs with their official portfolio where they can showcase their work. I liked the Instagram one too because I like posting on this social media channel.

My least favorite activities of the semester were the counterfactual, landscapes and Kickstarter activities. These were probably the most challenging and hardest to do out of the ones we’ve done throughout the semester.

I think this class is cool. It’s very different from the other classes i’ve taken throughout college. I like the fact that we get to interview and have conversations with classmates and get to know each other. It’s always great to meet new people and this is the perfect way of doing that.