Week 11 – Artist Interview – Coded

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This week, the one art piece that I enjoyed looking at was the “Coded” in the Consonance room. Unfortunately, I could not find the artist’s name on the statement, nor on the “Galleries” roster page. I was interested in this piece because of how the artist incorporated modern day technology, (i.e. the iPad and the QR Codes).

After reading the statement and what I understood from it, is that the artist titled the piece “Coded” to be like an “experimental app” which utilizes QR codes to see lyrics of songs in reference to the poem by Robert Frost. Showing the two iPads as part of the piece, gives a better understanding of how using the two is needed when scanning QR codes to show the purpose of the art piece.

This caught my eye because I liked the layout of the art – the codes aligned on the wall, and the two iPads accessible on the stands. Cool piece!