Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Amber Reyes


This week, I met sophomore Amber Reyes. She just changed her major this past week from psychology to human development. She liked the better variety of classes in the human development department. So instead, she’s minoring in psychology.

Her passion for working with kids has made her interested in pursuing a degree in human development and psychology, and possibly becoming a psych teacher or counselor at a school.

She’s very close to her family, lives at home and works at Costco and HD supply. She plans to get an internship in the next year or two at a school or office to pursue her career ambitions upon graduation.

This week, we explored the art exhibits, and for this weeks’ artist interviews, the one art piece/sculpture that caught our eye was the playboy sculpture by Myra Flores. This piece was the one we were able to understand the most and the meaning behind her sculpture. Because the artist wasn’t present at the exhibit, we both discussed the possible reasoning and inspiration behind this artists’ piece.

We were able to discuss after reading the artist’s statement behind this piece and after reading and examining the art, we realized that the sculpture looked like actor, Ryan Gosling. Her statement included the actor as an example.

Great to meet Amber this week! Check out her blog here!