Week 9 – Artist Interview – Myra Flores

IMG_3657 IMG_3659 IMG_3658After exploring the art exhibits this week, the one that my classmate, Amber and I talked about was on Myra Flores’ playboy acrylic sculpture. The artist wasn’t present at the exhibit, but Amber and I discussed the meaning based on the artists statement.

After reading the artists’ statement, it made sense with what she is trying to convey in this piece. The artist is trying to say that not only are men idolizing the way a woman looks based on their looks, but women do the same to men. Especially when it comes to famous celebrities like Ryan Gosling and how people view his image.

After examining the art piece, it looks like the artist created it to look like the actor himself. We didn’t even notice it looked like the actor, after taking close-up photos, you can see his face in the sculpture.