Week 8 – Artist Interview – Brian Davis

IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3622 IMG_3621

This week, I interviewed artist, Brian Davis, about his art pieces called “Monitor Vision”. His art pieces looked like underwater scuba diving equipment, and technology used when getting your eyes checked at the eye doctor. After reading his statement, he talks about what the pieces are made of and the vision behind it. I also talked to him about his inspiration behind these pieces.

He says, “contextualizing the frame duality of TV and computer exposes us to culture that ultimately extracts us from seeing other things.” His art pieces are made out of ceramic glass and are very colorful including the lens transperancy. Also, he mentions the fact that when a TV or computer monitor turns off, it turns into a black static screen. Basically, my understanding is that the frames of a TV, computer screen, etc. obstructs our view of seeing the outside world. We are so consumed into watching whatever is inside that frame at that moment.

It’s kind of like wearing glasses and how you have to see the world through the lens. Some of the pieces reminded me of the tech system you see at the eye doctor when they check your vision. Interesting pieces once again!


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