Week 7 – Painting – Bubble Letters


I enjoyed this week’s painting activity. It actually took me a few tries before I drew my name to look like bubble letters. First of all, my name is short and easy to spell. After I watched the video on “how to draw bubble letters” on the art activity page background section, I tried to sketch the letters of my name first with a pencil, drew circles around the letters, then traced it with a black marker, which ultimately makes the bubble letters.

I think I didn’t make the tracing wide enough which is why letters (L & A) look pointy. I wanted to do the 3D look, but I didn’t want to mess with it anymore. I had to redo it three times.

I wasn’t fond of the way I drew the bubble letters, so I also tried to do block letters, without any tracing. I’ve always had great penmanship and drawing the blocked letters the second time around, looked better. Yeah it’s a little different from the way it’s shown in the video, but, thought I’d give it a try and record both of my experiences.

I really liked how they came out, especially after spray painting them red. At the beginning of the semester, when I saw that we were going to paint, I actually didn’t expect we were going to do this. Very different and cool!


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