Week 6 – Artist Interview – Isaiah Ulloa

IMG_3239 IMG_3238 IMG_3242

This week’s art gallery that I thought was cool was the Labyrinth which included artists Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa and Juan Martin who are a part of the BFA Exhibition. The one specific artist that I interviewed with another classmate, Allison Wendell, was Isaiah Ulloa and his snow-looking sculptures. These were very interesting!

The sculptures are made out of foam and he used a 3D printing and a scanning system which was used to scan the artist, creating the sculptures to look like him. His other sculpture of the snow face is him. He took photos of himself, and used the 3D printing system to create the image of his face, which he was then able to use the foam to produce the sculpture. Pretty cool!

He was inspired by the use of special effects in movies and prosthetics, and the evolving world of technology, by incorporating all of these into his art pieces. 3D printing is an example of the evolving technology. He wanted to use technology as a form of creating his sculptures, rather than just his hands.

A very interesting thing that I experienced and many other students in the class was that, by looking at the snow-like piece, it made you feel cold like it was real snow. In fact, the air conditioning wasn’t on, and instead, it was our perception and the way it affected us that made us feel cool. He likes to create things that will affect people in different ways.


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