Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Allison Wendell

IMG_3244IMG_3239 This week, I had a nice conversation with classmate, Allison Wendell. Wendell is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach, where she is pursuing a degree in Film.

Ever since she was little, she always loved watching movies, reading and writing, which has led her to go into a field she absolutely loves. She’s originally from Northern California, but moved down to Huntington Beach to attend CSULB and be closer to Hollywood where she hopes to one day become a cinematographer. She loves all kinds of art. This past summer, she went to London and Paris where she went to numerous art museums and really loved what she saw and couldn’t wait to take this Art class. Some of the art pieces that we’ve seen so far this semester were some of the photography from last week, and this week in one of the exhibits. Check out the photo of Allison above posing for the camera in one of the rooms that featured photography.

With this, her favorite forms of art is film writing and photography. She really enjoyed this weeks’ art exhibit. We discussed and interviewed one of the artists in the Labrynth gallery, Isaiah Ulloa who is part of the BFA exhibition. We asked him some questions about the inspiration behind his snow-looking sculptures which was made out of foam and represented himself. We talked to him about it and something interesting we both experienced is that there was no air conditioning on in the gallery, and because we thought his sculpture looked like real snow, it automatically made us feel cold. We thought that was cool and interesting based on how we see and experience things. Check out Allison’s blog here!


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