Week 6 – Activity – Drawing

unnamed unnamed-1

My Drawings

unnamed-4 unnamed-2 unnamed-3

Drawings of Me

This week’s drawing activity was very interesting. Even on the phone, drawing is hard for me. It took me an hour to just try and draw the two above. I kept having to do it over and over, and tried to find ones that were somewhat simpler to draw.

I tried my best with this activity. Based on the results I got from my photo, they were pretty much the same level of drawings as mine. None of my selfies came out good. It’s difficult to control the cursor while drawing on the phone. A nice feature that I would have liked to see in the app is some type of an eraser tool, than just the “redo” button. It would help just in case you drew a line too long or went out of the borders, for instance.

I thought it was going to be easier. Sometimes when I was trying to draw the photo, the cursor would get stuck and it was just really difficult. I looked closely at the details and tried to do it, but was taking forever to get it somewhat looking decent.

I would say this is my least favorite project so far. Especially when it comes to drawing people, it’s hard. I didn’t even know there were drawing apps like this. I’m looking forward to the painting activity next week. I’ve always had great penmanship, so drawing and painting letters shall be fun. Even though this wasn’t my favorite activity, it was cool trying it for the first time.


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