Week 5 – Activity – Counterfactual Identity


Me Before


         Me After

For the counterfactual identity activity this week, I chose to change the way I usually dress. The first photo above is the way I normally dress on a daily basis, whether it’s at school and work, including the weekends – basically seven days a week. I’ve always dressed very stylish and fashionable. So instead of dressing up like I usually do, I chose to sport some workout and yoga clothes, to see how people would approach and/or perceive me.

Usually, wherever I’m at, I’d get comments about the way I dress and or get a complement or two about something I’m wearing. I wanted to see how people would react when I’m just wearing sporty clothes with very little makeup.

I tried this while doing errands over the weekend and wore the sporty clothes out. One thing I noticed, is that no one complemented me probably because I had boring gym clothes on.

I’m very shy, so it was kind of difficult to ask random questions, but I was able to ask a few people what they thought my major was, and some said Kinesiology and thought that I was in some type of sport. Some people really didn’t know, and some thought I just got back from yoga.

It was a very interesting experiment to analyze how people perceive you based on what you’re wearing.


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