Week 5 – Artist – David Yamamoto

IMG_3190 IMG_3192 IMG_3191This week, I really enjoyed viewing the photography. The photos that I thought were most interesting were the ones in the Faculty Invitational Exhibition. The ones in particular were the photos by David Yamamoto. I thought it was interesting to see and analyze the three photos above, without any summary and meaning there next to the photos. As I was reviewing, these pieces reminded me of closed businesses that shut down and/or getting remodeled.

After reading Yamamoto’s summary of these photos on his website, he talks about how the economic downturn has affected these businesses, and on his website, he names the real places and locations of these businesses. The first photo above is Circuit City in Signal Hill; the second photo is Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Carson; and Customer Service in Hawthorne. While looking at the photos, I didn’t even notice that these were local businesses near the CSULB campus.

Along with these three photos above, he showcases many other photos of businesses and locations on his website that reflect the recession, and the reason behind these closed and bare businesses that once were successful.

Based on my analysis of his photos, I came pretty close to understanding what he is trying to convey in his work.


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