Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Yiwen Lu



It was a pleasure meeting Yiwen this week. She’s from China, but has lived in Southern California for five years now, where she also attended high school. She is currently in her sophomore year at CSULB, where she is majoring in accounting, and plans on being a CPA.

We walked and talked about Maccabee Shelley’s cool ceramic art pieces that were made out of glass. One of the pieces in particular (photo above) reminder her of candy because of the colors and the shapes. Because Yiwen and I didn’t understand some of the art pieces, we spoke to the artist about what inspired him to create these “non-titled” pieces. The first thing I saw was some of the pieces reminded me of the ocean and coral reefs.

The overall inspiration behind these art pieces was incorporating ceramics and glass, and creating a wide range of possibilities because glass lasts a long time. The idea that glass is a fragile and dangerous material to create with, it’s what makes his art so different and unique.

After we learned about the inspiration behind his art pieces, Yiwen also noticed that not only did the pieces remind her of candy, but some of the shapes looked like flowers. Check out Yiwen’s blog here!


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