Week 4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

IMG_3116 IMG_3115 IMG_3119 IMG_3114 IMG_3118

This week, the artist I spoke to was Maccabee Shelley about his fascinating ceramic glass pieces. Something that I noticed, along with many other students was that his art pieces weren’t titled, instead, he described each one of them in his summary and you were able to correlate which piece he was talking about. The inspiration behind his pieces was the use of ceramic materials (valuable silica) and glass, combined to create pieces in a remarkable way. He talked about how he used glass, the one material that is used in our daily lives, as a foundation for his art. The fact that glass lasts a long time is one of the benefits of why it inspired him to use it. The combination of fragile glass and the fact of lasting a long time is what inspired him to create a variety of different shapes.

Because there are no titles for each piece, he wanted us to take a look at his summary, and find the emotional meaning behind it, as well as create our own story and meaning of what we thought about it. He doesn’t use paint as the “core” behind the creation of them, but he uses pink glass, interior satin and paints like vinyl.

It took him about three weeks to just make one of the pieces. Each day consisting of 12-hour days and he gathered the glass from the recycling center on campus. I thought his art pieces were very cool. It was different seeing the use of glass created into different structural shapes. I also liked the colors used. A lot of the pieces reminded me of the ocean and coral reefs found at the bottom of the ocean. I also talked with a classmate about it and one of the pieces in particular reminded her of candy.

It was interesting to see how each of us viewed each piece differently.


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