Week 3 – Classmate Interview – Sara Kodesh

photo Sara Kodesh is a junior fashion merchandising major at CSULB. She’s originally from Wisconsin, but moved to SoCal when she was seven. She is passionate about fashion and is thinking about pursuing a career as a visual merchandiser.

During the interview, we talked about some of our favorite art pieces that we have seen since we started this class. We both also had similar interests! We love fashion and she liked the same art pieces at the GLAMFA art exhibit, which included Noe Gaytan, as well as Megan Mueller’s “Ongoing Infinity Experiences”. We enjoyed viewing these unique art pieces because we were able to understand the idea/influence behind them, compared to some of the others in the exhibit.

We also talked about the artist we both interviewed this week, Patricia E. Rangel, and her art pieces: “The New Foundation”. We both thought it was unique and interesting, as well as a personal art piece. The artist used dirt from her hometown, with the use of a variety of metals into geometric shapes which were influenced by the shapes of maps.


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