Week 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia E. Rangel

IMG_2997 IMG_2998 IMG_3002IMG_2995

This week, I interviewed artist, Patricia E. Rangel, and learned about her art pieces, “The New Foundation”. These pieces were very interesting and unique. I also found it personal after interviewing the artist and learning about the inspiration behind it.

The inspiration behind her art pieces was incorporating the shapes of maps with the use of dirt and a variety of different metals, into structural art pieces. Rangel is from the Central Valley and she extracted the dirt (that is used in these art forms) from her hometown. She took the dirt from her parents house, grandparents place, and even the side of the road. She then used this dirt with plywood, molded and fabricated into the shapes of maps.

She also mentioned that some of the pieces had to be created in the gallery because of the sizing and handling of the art. The other ones were created in her personal studio. My classmate and I, Sarah Kodesh, viewed Rangel’s art pieces together and interviewed the artist, and understood the inspiration behind it. At first, we couldn’t understand the influence behind “The New Foundation”, but after talking with Rangel, we definitely saw the personal connection to her hometown and the idea of the structural shapes. Very unique!


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