Week 3 – Activity – Kickstarter Video

The Midnight Scoop on Kickstarter

After viewing all of the interesting and cool Kickstarter videos, one that I liked was “The Midnight Scoop“. I liked this Kickstarter video because just the other day, I had trouble trying to scoop up Tillamook’s delicious mudslide ice cream. You always hear many people having trouble trying to scoop up hard and frozen ice cream. With just a regular scooper or a spoon, it hurts your wrist trying to scoop up the ice cream.

Based on how this scooper is made, and how the creator demonstrates the effectiveness and quality in the video, it would be great to have this in the market. It’s a unique tool to have that would be very useful in the kitchen. I know there are scoopers that do work, similar to the ones used at ice cream shops, but unsure if people actually have one. One great thing about this product is that the creator guarantees it will last a very long time.

Imagine how much extra sweeter it would be to grab a nice scoop of gelato without having to strain your wrist. Check out the video above!

And here’s my video!


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