Week 2 – GLAMFA Artist – Megan Mueller



One art piece in the GLAMFA art exhibit that caught my eye was Megan Mueller’s, “Ongoing Infinity Experiments” from UCSB. This art piece display’s an essence of serenity. Art pieces that show earth’s natural elements and the environment, such as water and the ocean are just beautiful.

At first I was unable to see what the artist is trying to convey in this photo. I didn’t understand what the individual was holding in the photo. After reading the description on the GLAMFA website, it was clear. She is inspired by an “infinity pool” and natural environments. It makes more sense after seeing the paper the individual is holding in the photo, and the blue geometric motif that isn’t complete, which is the idea behind the “infinity pool”.

I really enjoy looking at works of art and photos that embodies the earth’s elements. This piece specifically reminds me of the quote, “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” I relate this piece of art to the idea of endless possibilities and never giving up. I think people gain a positive feeling and sense of inspiration after viewing it. This is a great piece that I can see someone displaying in their home.



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