Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Rachel Price


Classmate, Rachel Price


Tanya Brodsky

This week, I met a new classmate, Rachel Price. We had a discussion about a few art pieces that we liked, and some personal interests and facts about each other. Price is a pre-psych major in her sophomore year, and is from the Orange County area. When I introduced myself, she was viewing Tanya Brodsky’s art piece from UCSD. We were both trying to figure out what this piece was. We noticed the pieces that made up this art (pictured above), were shaped into some identifiable objects such as pieces from a chess game, a magnifying glass and bicycle seats. They all seemed to be made out of different materials. We had to read the description of this art piece on the GLAMFA website to understand what the piece was about.

After our discussion on this interesting art piece, we went to take a look at Carla Jay Harris’ piece from UCLA. This was the piece that Price wrote about in her last art post as it was one of the ones she liked the most. It was one art piece that she was able to understand compared to some others in the exhibit. We then went to look at the two art pieces that I personally favored the most and understood compared to the others in the exhibit. These art pieces included: Noe Gaytan and Megan Mueller. We discussed my understanding of the tuition/debt after college art piece, and the “ongoing infinity experiments”. These were the ones that I liked and understood the most. 

After we talked about art, she talked about how she likes paintings as one of her favorite forms of art. She personally has an interest for drawing, painting and playing soccer. She has declared a major in pre-psych, but is unsure if that’s the field she wants to go into. Check out her blog here!


Carla Jay Harris (Right)


Megan Mueller


Noe Gaytan


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