Week 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Noé Gaytán


The GLAMFA art exhibit had a lot of unique art that i’ve never seen before. It was different seeing videos that showcase art in an art exhibit. Artist from Otis College of Art and Design, Noé Gaytán‘s specific art piece was significant in today’s society. It’s amazing how an important issue in society can clearly be expressed through a piece of art. The amount of dollar bills in this art piece stands out and one little aspect of the art piece made it easy to see what the artist is conveying. The piece in the small frame includes tuition dollars and the amount of loans and post-college debt the average person experiences to get an education.

The artist talks about his experiences on the cost of higher education and debt on the GLAMFA website. This inspired him to create this art piece, to physically show the actual amount in dollars, the cost and debt graduates are facing to get a higher education.

The artist did a great job conveying his message about the cost of college education and the significance of the issue that should be solved. It was easy to read this piece of art and a great discussion starter with fellow classmate, Breanne Lee, with whom I interviewed this week, to get her views on the cost of education and her experiences.

There are many times that I don’t particularly understand a piece of art when viewing it, but this piece specifically was different. Many students experience the burden of paying for college and the amount of debt they have to pay after college, therefore, they can relate their personal lives to this work of art. It’s an influential piece that is significant in today’s society.




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