Week 1 – Classmate Interview – Breanne Lee

This is Brianne

Sophomore Fashion Merchandising Student, Breanne

This is Breanne Lee – A humble and artsy girl who has a passion for art and pretty much anything creative! With a hobby in crocheting and sewing, she loves to create and personalize new things for the home, all from scratch.

Lee is originally from Sacramento and moved to SoCal a year ago to pursue her studies at CSULB. This is Lee’s sophomore year and is pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising. Fitting right? Based on her interests/hobbies and passion, there is no doubt that she will have a successful career in the creative fashion industry.

I had a great one-on-one conversation with her about the interesting pieces we saw at the GLAMFA art exhibit, as well as college life. Lee was mostly intrigued by the porcelain cacti plants by Brittany Mojo from UCLA. After speaking to her about the art, she personally owns and loves cacti, and keeps it in her apartment. It’s interesting to see how the correlation of our personal interests or how society impacts the way we view art, makes us drawn to them. Just like her and her favorite plants. We also talked about probably one of the most popular art pieces in the exhibit, the pop art Who Do You Worship? piece by April Bey from CSUN. We both talked about how this piece that features famous celebrities, relates to the current influence in society based on pop culture.

If there was one type of art she wishes she knew how to do, she chose painting and drawing, and I chose drawing as well! The feeling of creating something new and personal is what makes art a very creative and abstract thing.

We also chatted about how expensive tuition is and the costs of living on your own, as she relocated down by The Beach. This led to our discussion of the art by Noé Gaytán in the GLAMFA Exhibit. This piece of art demonstrates the difficulty of paying for an education and how loans have affected students post-college.

It was great meeting someone who had similar interests and views on art, and how it relates to our lives. Check out Breanne’s blog here!


Art by Noé Gaytán in the GLAMFA Exhibit


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